Square Enix Has ‘High Expectations’ For Future Unannounced Titles
Image: Square Enix

Square Enix has recently published its Q&A for its third quarter earnings of this fiscal year, which showed some steady profits for the company. But one of the more interesting comments made was about the company’s future titles, and the positive feeling it has for its upcoming selection in the next fiscal year.

During the Q&A portion, company president, Yosuke Matsuda, was asked about the future of Square Enix and its titles. Matsuda appeared confident in the upcoming slate of games, stating that there’s “high expectations” for titles coming in Q3 of its 2022 fiscal year, including some unannounced titles as part of that promise.

“We are planning to release multiple titles for which we have high expectations in FY2022/3, including some that we have yet to announce.”

The company also briefly glossed over the future of Marvel’s Avengers when asked what the outlook of earnings for the game is. In response, Matsuda stated it all “hinges on how well the full game sells going forward and how the GAAS elements perform.”

Little is know of Square Enix’s future titles at present, especially on the Xbox front. This month sees the release of Balan Wonderworld, but it’s not exactly a big hitter. They're also set to publish the upcoming live service game Outriders, which has a demo available now. The company also has Final Fantasy XVI, but it's exclusive to PS5 for a limited time at launch with no Xbox release date in sight.

Considering the company has hefty expectations for the holiday period this year, we’re betting there will be a few huge titles making their way to consoles.

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