Six Days in Fallujah was announced earlier this year as coming to Xbox at some point in 2021, and a new gameplay trailer gives us a first proper look at how it'll function, along with more details on what to expect.

In an IGN exclusive trailer, developers Victura and Highwire Games brought in military veteran Sgt. Jason Kyle to recap on some of his experiences in Fallujah. From his accounts, the gameplay takes a heavy tactical approach, as it's seen players will carefully sweep rooms for hostiles, issue commands, and have each firefight take place in a procedurally generated world - giving the effect that you don't know the environment, much like the real veterans involved. The latter is something the teams went a bit more in detail with in a press release:

"To simulate the uncertainty and danger of urban combat, Highwire Games and Victura invested more than three years building technologies that allow a modern game engine to assemble every room in every building procedurally, along with the dynamic AI and sound systems needed to support game environments that do not remain static.

In Six Days in Fallujah, every map is a new map, so players never know what to expect. While mission objectives and events are consistent with the true stories, every scenario becomes a unique experience each time players restart, ensuring no game ever plays the same way twice."

Working on the project is studio Highwire Games, which is partly made up of former Halo and Destiny developers. IGN has also uploaded an in-depth interview with two of those creators working on Six Days in Fallujah, explaining how they wanted to make it a "playable documentary". We have no word on when the game is due to hit consoles, but marketing for the game seems to be slowly ramping up, so we may hear more details soon.

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