EA Motive, the team behind the recently released Star Wars: Squadrons, reportedly got pulled from their "highly ambitious" game Gaia last month, in what was said to be part of a resource shift. Word on the street is that change-up could be something that makes a lot of people happy when it's finally announced.

According to industry insider Jeff Grubb on his latest GamesBeat Decides podcast, at the 45:10 mark he said he "cannot say" what the team over at EA Motive is now working on, but he thinks it'll make a lot of people happy. In an attempt to throw a bone for listeners, Grubb and his co-host Mike Minotti both confirmed it is part of an "established IP".

While it's worth mentioning this is still a rumour as of now, Grubb is widely known for providing reliable insider knowledge, and reporting many upcoming games which have later been confirmed to be true. One recent example was his knowledge on the long rumoured Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which we now know to be a reality.

There are obviously a lot of EA properties that would make fans very happy to see return. Dead Space? The Simpsons Hit & Run? These are just theories, but there's a huge list of titles that could make fans happy, it's just a matter of which will it be, and when we will find out.

What do you think the mysterious established IP could be? Let us know in the comments below.

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