Panzer Dragoon Publisher Remakes Square Enix Forever Entertainment

Forever Entertainment, the team behind the recently released Panzer Dragoon: Remake on Xbox One, has signed a deal with Square Enix to create several remakes in the future.

According to a translated report from Pap Bizness, an agreement has been made between the two companies for more remakes to be developed over the coming years based on a single brand by a Japanese company. The first remake is set to be announced in the future.

"Forever Entertainment has signed an agreement with Square Enix to create and release several remakes of games based on a single brand owned by a Japanese company, Forever Entertainment said in a press release. The company's share price is rising by more than 10%.

The name of the game, on the basis of which the Polish company is to create a so-called remake, is to be made public with a separate report, at the start of the global marketing action."

The game in question is said to feature a new graphic design, but its gameplay will remain similar to its original release. It's also said that Forever Entertainment will receive 50% of the profits made on each title going forward.

Wonder what it could be?

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