NieR: Automata Is Getting Review Bombed On Steam Game Pass Version Improved

NieR: Automata launched on Xbox Game Pass for PC last week and it's caused Steam fans to review bomb the game. Why? Because the Game Pass version rectifies many issues that fans have been raising about the Steam version.

It was reported last week that problems such as frame rate drops were gone in the Xbox Game Pass for PC version, which has made Steam users understandably annoyed. Recent reviews of the game have dropped it down to "mixed", with many angry that the game has been abandoned on Steam in favour of a more competent Game Pass version.

As discovered by PCGamesN, users have left comments along the lines of: "Thank you Square Enix for releasing a patched version of the game on Game Pass and NOT updating this one." The publication also reportedly reached out to Square Enix for comment, but were told there was nothing to be said at this time. Pages of reviews can be found on the Steam page, which all basically highlight the same fact - the Xbox Game Pass version is better.

There's no word on whether the Steam version will be updated, but following the reviews, we would probably recommend checking out the Xbox Game Pass version if you're interested - at least for now.

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