Insider Advises What To Expect From Rumoured Xbox Bethesda Event

GamesBeat journalist and reliable industry insider Jeff Grubb has been talking more about the rumoured upcoming Xbox Bethesda event over the past couple of days, advising what fans should expect from the show.

Grubb confirmed on the latest episode of the GamesBeat Decides podcast that from what he knows, an event is "still going to happen in mid-March", and he later clarified on Twitter how he believes it'll go down:

"I'm pretty sure that our Bethesda/MS talk is exactly how it's going to happen. Event soon. Lots of talk about what the acquisition means. Stuff coming to Game Pass. And then [Bethesda] still operating separately through E3 because June is distressingly close."

He also went on to warn fans not to expect any "real game announcements or release dates at this event" as they will likely be saved for E3, but suggested Bethesda will probably want to "add everything they can as soon as they can" to Xbox Game Pass, as many of Bethesda's games are still absent from the service.

"Oh, and no real game announcements or release dates at this event. They will save that for E3."

Of course, all of this is just a rumour for now, and we're not sure exactly how much Grubb knows, but he's been reliable with a lot of insider information in the past. Hopefully Microsoft has an announcement for us over the next few days!

Do you think this is what will happen? Give us your thoughts down in the comments below.

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