Bloober Team Steps Away From Acquisition Talks To Focus On Its Own Future Projects
Image: Bloober Team

Bloober Team, the studio behind The Medium, has reportedly been eyed up by multiple companies within the industry to be acquired recently. Originally, it was in talks with many of these officials, but it is now said to have withdrawn from discussions as it feels it could damage future projects.

As transcribed by VGC, a press release from has revealed that Bloober Team has walked away from being acquired "due to the high risk of losing its overriding strategic objectives". Instead, it wishes to focus and prioritise its upcoming projects that are planned.

"The company has decided not to continue discussions with potential financial and industry investors interested in acquiring a majority stake due to the high risk of losing its overriding strategic objectives. At this stage it would be incompatible with the culture of the organisation, and would significantly limit the potential growth of the company’s value in the coming years, especially taking into account the projects implemented and planned."

The press release goes on to state that the company could be focusing on making investments in other companies, as a means to help assist on its upcoming titles.

"Moreover, the company, having spare financial resources, has the possibility of making investments aimed at increasing its fundamental value. In connection with this, the management board of the company considers making investments in companies complementing the issuer’s operations in order to increase its production and sales capabilities."

There are plans already in motion at Bloober Team, as work is already underway on its next project. The studio revealed last month that it is in fact working on an established horror IP with "a very famous gaming publisher". It's unclear who this may be, but it's definitely fun to speculate. We're hoping Konami for a new Silent Hill entry.

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