The New Xbox Wireless Headset Allows You To Pair Your Phone And Xbox At The Same Time

Yesterday saw the announcement of the all-new Xbox Wireless Headset, and with it an array of fantastic neat new features for players to try out. One of the most intriguing is the ability to have your phone and Xbox linked to the device at the same time.

As outlined in an extensive Xbox Wire post, users will be able to directly talk to their friends on the phone (or even join into work conference calls), whilst also still having their headset paired to the console to enjoy the immersive sounds of the game they're playing.

"The headset also connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth for on-the-go music or chat and to your console via Xbox Wireless technology just like an Xbox Wireless Controller, meaning there are no cables or dongles required. You can also simultaneously pair the headset to your phone and Xbox. That means, for example, that you can chat with a friend or – as the engineering team recalls doing – dial in to a conference call on your phone and play on your console at the same time."

Not only that, but the microphone also has an auto-mute function, meaning that when you're not talking the headset will not pick up any background noise. There have been numerous times the sound of our TV has deafened our friends in party chat, so this is definitely a welcome feature.

"When you aren’t talking, the auto-mute feature automatically mutes your microphone (this can be toggled on or off), so you keep comms channels clear, while the manual mute button gives you privacy when you need it."

As it stands, the Microsoft Store is out of stock of the headset, which is not surprising for how much effort has gone into it. Fortunately, other retailers do have it in stock, and you can even get it a little cheaper if you shop around!

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