You Don't Need Xbox Live Gold To Play The Outriders Online Demo

The free demo for Square Enix's upcoming co-op shooter Outriders was released on Xbox yesterday, and you might be surprised to know that while it's a multiplayer demo, it doesn't require Xbox Live Gold whatsoever.

The demo even includes crossplay so you can play with friends and strangers on other platforms, and you needn't pay a thing in order to do so, as announced by Xbox Live's Major Nelson on Twitter yesterday.

Microsoft announced back in January that it would be removing the need to be an Xbox Live Gold subscriber to play free-to-play games in the "coming months", and while it hasn't happened yet, it hopefully won't be long.

If you fancy checking out Outriders, you can download the demo right now on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, which features about 2-3 hours of gameplay per-class, with four classes available.

What do you make of this? How are you finding the demo? Let us know down below.

How Are You Finding The Outriders Demo?

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