Koei Tecmo has revealed Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection will be arriving onto Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S through backwards compatibility on June 10th.

The collection will bring together three classic games from the series, including Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge. It’s also said to contain “most” of the previously released game modes, along with the downloadable costumes released, making it the definitive package of the series.

“The nostalgic yet timeless action of the three games offers a highly responsive and challenging experience – with battles that require defensive and offensive moves similar to fighting games. Players can enjoy playing as the fan-favourite ninja, Ryu Hayabusa, alongside the additional characters such as Ayane, Rachel, Momiji and Kasumi as they appeared in the original version of the games. Master your favourite characters in intense action-packed battles like only the NINJA GAIDEN series can deliver.”

Team Ninja previously said it had no plans for a new Ninja Gaiden title on Xbox, but would love to see the franchise return, as the series has had a long history with Xbox. Maybe the reception of Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection could inspire the team to create a new entry? Only time will tell.

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