Microsoft: We Want More Xbox Backwards Compatible Games, But It's Difficult

The big question on many Xbox fans' minds over the past couple years has been whether Microsoft will ever add more original Xbox and Xbox 360 games to backwards compatibility, with many titles still missing from the lineup.

Xbox Series X director of project management Jason Ronald was asked about this once again by Lords of Gaming this week, and revealed that the team wants to add more games, but it's getting "harder and harder" to do so.

"What I'll say is, we want to bring more games to the program, but it gets harder and harder. First off, technically, can we make some of these games work? But more often than that now is, in some cases these developers or the publishers don't even exist anymore. Or, there's licensing agreements, or maybe a developer has plans for the franchise, so it's definitely a challenge."

Ronald went on to explain that the backwards compatibility team is aware of which games Xbox fans still want to see added to the program, and while there's nothing to confirm right now, the door hasn't been shut entirely.

"I'll definitely say it's getting harder, [but] we would like to bring more games to the program. I can't commit to any specific games or [confirm whether] we're going to be able to add more games in the future, but it's definitely something that we're working on, we're trying to do what we can, but I will definitely say that we hear the feedback."

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