Gamers Were Tearing Their Hair Out At Last Night's Xbox Live Outage

If you didn’t know or were asleep, you may have completely missed that Xbox Live experienced a few problems last night. The service was down for quite a few hours as many were unable to sign in, play multiplayer games, and lost the ability to purchase content.

As expected, the internet didn’t take this outage particularly well, especially with the length of time it took for services to resume. But many made light of the situation with a variety of memes to pass the time until the server issues were resolved. Here are a few we have found:

Fortunately, the issues are now resolved and players can get back to diving into their consuming their favourite content. There’s been no word on why the service went down, but luckily we can all get back to what we love now.

Were you affected by last night’s server issues? Let us know in the comments below.

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