'FPS Boost' Won't Be Suitable For Every Xbox Game, Warns Microsoft

Microsoft made the big unveiling yesterday of the 'FPS Boost' program for Xbox Series X and S, which will be improving the frame rate of a selection of backwards compatible games, without any input required by the developer.

However, as cool as this feature is, it's best to keep expectations in check. As highlighted by Xbox exec Jason Ronald in a YouTube interview with Colt Eastwood, even the most popular games aren't guaranteed to get a boost.

"We're doing this all with no extra development work by the developer themselves, so in some cases the developer actually has more flexibility and more control if they choose to go back and update the title, or they may have plans for the franchise, so it's really a collaboration between us and the publisher."

"We listen to the community, we hear the passion from the community, we know what games the community would like to see. In some cases due to the way the technique was developed, we're not going to be able to enable all of those titles. In other cases, the developer or publisher has plans for the franchise, and they'll release their own updates."

Ultimately then, in the case of a popular game like Red Dead Redemption 2, for example, there's a chance that technical issues might prevent an 'FPS Boost', or Rockstar might be planning their own upgrade in the future.

We'll have to wait and see which titles make the cut beyond the initial five that were announced yesterday, and we won't have to wait long, as new boosts will be arriving every couple of weeks for the foreseeable future.

What do you make of Ronald's comments about FPS Boost? Give us your thoughts down below.

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