Control Ultimate Edition launched with two performance modes for Xbox Series X earlier this week, and while the ray tracing enabled Graphics Mode is capped at 30 FPS, there's actually a way of pushing past that limit in Photo Mode.

That's exactly what Digital Foundry has done in the experiment above, and the results are very impressive from an Xbox point of view, boasting 16% higher performance than PS5 when uncapping the FPS in this manner.

"Based on over 20 matched scenarios, Series X does have a rendering advantage, which on average delivers a 16 per cent lead over PlayStation 5. We go through those scenarios in the embedded video on this page and the variation from test to test is significant - so we should emphasise that the 16 per cent figure is indeed a mean average. Some tests show an even wider margin, others see the situation close up significantly."

Of course, Photo Mode doesn't represent actual, moving gameplay, so we can't necessarily draw definitive comparisons from this, but it's certainly a good measurement of the sheer graphical hardware power of the Xbox Series X.

Check out the excellent video above, and let us know your thoughts on it in the comments!