Xbox Series X Owners Can't Conker The Great Mighty Poo

Update: Rare has got around to this quickly! The official Twitter account for the developer has acknowledged the issue, saying it will forward the information to "The Right People".

"Thanks for this Arb, as well as the clips - we're forwarding it to The Right People."

Original story: Let's be honest, any excuse to come up with that headline is worthy of a story! But there's reportedly a fairly serious issue at play here, which is causing some problems for players in Conker's Bad Fur Day on Xbox Series X and S.

Specifically, this relates to the famous Great Mighty Poo boss fight, which according to numerous speedrunners, loads too quickly on the consoles and therefore has the tendency to cause a softlock.

Arbliterator goes on to share examples of numerous people all suffering the same issue during their playthroughs, explaining that due to the quick loading, "the music gets forced out of sync" causing the fault.

"It seems the game loads so fast on the Series S & Series X that the music gets forced out of sync from not loading correctly. If you pause the game and the music keeps playing, then GMP will not open his mouth ever and softlock the game.

If you pause and the music stops then the fight will function as normal."

It remains to be seen whether Rare will attempt to fix this in Conker's Bad Fur Day, which is available to play as part of the Rare Replay collection, but hopefully we'll be able to enjoy The Great Mighty Poo in all his next-gen glory soon.

Have you run into this problem with Conker's Bad Fur Day? Let us know in the comments.