Xbox has launched an experiment called 'Beyond Generations' today, which aims to highlight the relationship-building potential of modern games, and encourage younger people to start gaming with older family members.

This is showcased in a very heartwarming short documentary film called “Howard & Dhillon’s Story” (which you can watch above), following the story of a real family on their journey towards re-connecting with each other via gaming.

As part of this, Xbox is partnering with multiple charities around the globe dedicated to supporting the needs of older people, including Age UK and Age International, "to help ignite this spark of connection within families."

"Perhaps one of the simplest things many of you can do to make a difference is to see the value and potential in older people, quite literally. This holiday season—a time when many will be booting up a new console- rather than leave an old console to gather dust, consider giving it to an older family member. And maybe challenge them to a game or two. It could be the thing that sparks a whole new chapter in your relationship."

Do you play Xbox with an older family member? Tell us down in the comments below.