Microsoft has today unveiled the latest step in its Xbox Series X 'Power Your Dreams' campaign, which includes a short film centred around the dreams of MoonLiteWolf - all powered by her experience playing the Xbox Series X.

Created by Oscar-winning director Taika Waititi, the video is a trippy experience which recounts MoonLiteWolf's experiences being guided into the sleep state of hypnagogia, tracked by a Hypnodyne (EEG) headband.

It's all fascinating stuff of course, but you can guess what the big takeaway has been on social media this afternoon - Master Chief is a cat! The Halo star takes off his helmet in the film to reveal he's none other than a furry feline, and he even shows off his paw-some DJ skills in the process. Purr-ty cool, Chief.

"In this short film created by Academy Award-winning director, Taika Waititi, (“Jojo Rabbit,” “Thor Ragnarok,” “Thor: Love and Thunder”), the worlds of art, science, and gaming are merged —bringing the dreams of gamer Krystal Holmes (aka MoonLiteWolf) to life, after she played the Xbox Series X.

This epic adventure captures the spirit of the actual research process, the boundless depths of MoonLiteWolf’s detailed and vibrant dreams and then actively challenges our perceptions of one particular Xbox character, as we have known them."

What do you make of the short 'Lucid Odyssey' film above? Let us know in the comments.