New Xbox Feature Will Reveal Why Your Downloads Are Going Slow

Ever wondered why your downloads are going painfully slow on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S? It's probably because you've got a game running in the background, which throttles download speeds on the platform.

As shared by Seanpr92 on the Xbox Insiders Reddit, a new feature now rolling out to Insiders in the Alpha Skip Ahead ring will now tell you when you've got a game running, and inform you that you're affecting your download speeds.

In case you weren't aware, leaving a game on Xbox by hitting the Guide button and returning to the dashboard doesn't actually quit it entirely - instead, you need to use the Menu button and scroll down to the 'Quit' option to do this.

Of course, Quick Resume makes this a little more complicated on Xbox Series X|S due to storing multiple games in a suspended state - and you can't use Quick Resume if you quit a game entirely - but it seems as though the slow downloads issue only affects the current game you're playing, so it should be easy enough to work around this.

Hopefully we'll find out more concrete details on this in the near future as the feature is prepared for a public rollout, and with any luck it should help to ensure your downloads always run at maximum speeds moving forward.

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