Xbox Series X|S Sales In Spain Boast Impressive Figures

The figures for the Xbox Series X|S launch in Spain have been revealed.

Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad shared a Spanish article on Twitter which delved into the launch figures. Reportedly, the Xbox Series X|S have sold a combined total of 14,100. By comparison, the Xbox One sold 15,000 and the Xbox 360 shifted 14,900 units. While the amount may be slightly lower, it’s an achievement considering the on-going coronavirus pandemic slowing down production - numbers are reportedly in line with past sales launches, Ahmad stated.

The PS5 moved 43,000 consoles, however, the system has already been notably more popular within Spain, and as Ahmad points out, the current PS4 install base is said to be 3.65million compared to the Xbox One’s 450,000 units.

It’s also important to note that the console launch has completely sold out, meaning all systems sold were the allocated amount. It’s entirely possible a larger number would have been reported given a different global situation.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer also recently called the Xbox Series X|S “the largest launch in Xbox history”, signalling that demand for the systems are high.

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