It's only been a week since Gears 5 received its incredible next-gen upgrade for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and now the game is getting another huge update in the form of Operation 5: Hollow Storm.

This is described as the game's "largest post-launch update ever", bringing five new maps (two completely new and three classic), seven characters (all of which are callbacks to the Locust War) separated characters and classes in Horde and Escape, and more.

"Operation 5 takes us back to the vibes of Gears 2 and 3. We’ve added iconic characters, new maps including River and the all-new Imulsion-themed map Nexus, the fiery Scorcher, and much more. We’ve overhauled Horde and Escape by separating characters from classes, continuing to refine the PvP experience, introduced a new Heroic cosmetic as well as added an all-new Tour of Duty."

In addition to these, the previously announced Armored Gabe character skin is also now available with Operation 5, accessible to those who have completed the Gears Tactics tutorial on console or PC.

And if you're more interested in story content rather than multiplayer, don't forget that Gears 5 is confirmed to be getting story DLC in December with an estimated playtime of 3-4 hours, titled "Hivebusters".

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