Interested In More Games Like Tell Me Why? Xbox Wants To Know

Dontnod Entertainment's latest storytelling adventure Tell Me Why was published by Xbox Game Studios and released on Xbox Game Pass earlier this year, and Microsoft wants to know how much you enjoyed it.

Speaking as part of a VentureBeat interview, Peter Wyse, the general manager of publishing at Xbox enthused that Microsoft was "so proud of this game", asking fans to reach out with their opinions.

“If people want more stories like this, I would love to hear that, and if people want more out of this partnership and collaboration, I would love to hear that. We’re so proud of this game. It’s a game that deserves to be seen.”

Wyse also revealed more about the process of Microsoft getting involved with the game, which started around three years ago and saw the company helping Dontnod to adopt a new model of releasing episodes just one week apart.

In the same interview, Dontnod CEO Oskar Guilbert explained that the studio is growing with six games currently in production, with the self-published psychological thriller Twin Mirror set to debut on Xbox One next month.

Would you like to see more games like Tell Me Why published by Xbox? Let us know below.