How Much Ventilation Does The Xbox Series X Need? Here's What Microsoft Says

The Xbox Series X is, according to Microsoft, going to be the "most powerful console the world has ever seen" when it arrives on November 10th, and all that power is going to require plenty of ventilation.

But considering its size and shape, that might be easier said than done. So, what's the official line? According to Microsoft, you're going to need to leave at least 1.5 inches from the top of the console for ventilation purposes.

"For a standard, non-enclosed media entertainment stand, ensure at least 1.5 inches (approximately 4 cm) of clearance from the top of the console, in either vertical or horizontal alignment."

Microsoft has provided this information as part of its official Xbox Series X|S FAQ, which also explains a bit more about how the Xbox Series X keeps cool, and what to expect in terms of the console's heat production.

"As with all electronics, Xbox Series X expels any heat generated during use. The team has focused on cooling Xbox Series X during development and designed the Parallel Cooling Architecture. If you detect some warm air emanating from the exhaust ports, this indicates that the system is working as intended and in line with our expectations."

Ultimately then, you're obviously going to want to provide the Xbox Series X with as much ventilation room as you can, but as long as you've got 1.5 inches worth of extra space, you should be good to go.

Are you OK with this, or do you think you're going to struggle? Let us know down below.