Yep, Xbox Just Took Another Subtle Jab At The PS5's Vertical Stand
Image: PlayStation

Update: It looks like Xbox UK has removed the tweet in question! It originally read, "how to switch the Xbox Series X from vertical to horizontal," showing an image of the console simply being turned sideways.

Original story: Those Xbox social media accounts are being a bit feisty at the moment!

The latest PS5 feature that Xbox has been poking fun at is the detachable stand for the console that was shown off in a PS5 teardown video earlier today, requiring those who want to place the system horizontally to unscrew the base, store the screw in a compartment, and use a cap to plug the original hole.

The response from the official Xbox UK Twitter account speaks for itself:

This isn't the first time the Xbox UK account has spoken up about the PS5 in recent weeks, throwing shade at the confusing PS5 upgrade process for Marvel's Spider-Man back in late September.

We're getting flashbacks to that famous PS4 "Used Game Instructional Video" all over again...

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