Xbox Seems To Be Teasing Something Related To New Zealand
Image: @XboxANZ

Update (Wed 21st Oct, 2020 03:30 BST): The 9th November has now been locked in. As previously mentioned, it seems like this teaser is tied to the system's launch, as it's taking place exactly an hour before the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launch (New Zealand time) on 10th November. The same date has been shared on Xbox's Mexico Twitter.

Original article (Tue 20th Oct, 2020 10:00 BST): Team Xbox has said it has "more to come" before the release of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S next month, and there could be an announcement coming out of New Zealand very soon if some tweets are anything to go by.

The official XBOX ANZ Twitter account has fuelled speculation by tweeting coordinates that land on Queenstown, New Zealand alongside the Xbox Series X slogan "Power Your Dreams" and an emoji.

In addition to this, last week, Twitch partner Lorripops - who is based in Wellington - shared a message on her Twitter about a "secret studio" she will soon be involved with, but apparently this is unrelated:

We're assuming this might be some kind of Xbox Series pre-launch event or something along those lines, then, but we're really not sure at this point. However, whatever it is has been confirmed as being "based in Australia and New Zealand specifically, but for everyone," and is definitely not studio acquisition news.

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