Watch Dogs: Legion Suffering From Overheating Bug On Xbox One X

The review embargo for Watch Dogs: Legion lifted earlier today, and it's shed some light on an apparent overheating bug that has been plaguing the game on Xbox One X ahead of launch.

As highlighted by Eurogamer, this "game-breaking bug" can make campaign progress impossible, occurring around 6-8 hours into the main campaign. The game freezes, and then the Xbox One X warns it's about to shutdown.

This was also echoed by EGM in its review, describing it as "one particularly pernicious bug that occurred multiple times during a particular cutscene," although interestingly it didn't occur on a standard Xbox One.

Ubisoft says it's aware of the issue and it's working to have a hotfix ready for Friday, October 30th, so if you're planning on tackling the game on launch day (the 29th), you might want to pace yourself a bit!

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