Control: Ultimate Edition Requires A One-Time Internet Connection On Xbox

It's very difficult to be an Xbox owner these days without requiring some kind of semi-permanent internet connection, but just in case you were hoping to play the recently released Control Ultimate Edition without going online, be aware that the game requires a one-time connection before you can get started (via VGC).

The reason? It can't fit on the disc.

As explained by publisher 505 Games on its website, the full game including all of its expansions goes over the 50GB limit of the Xbox One disc, although the PS4 version suffers no such issues due to "compression and other variables."

Instead, the game uses Xbox Intelligent Delivery to spread out its content across the disc and via download, but this is just a one-time thing, so you needn't worry about remaining online once the game is installed.

Control's Ultimate Edition is also the only version that will be getting a free upgrade for Xbox Series X/S, with 505 Games recently confirming it "had to make some difficult decisions" in creating a next-gen upgrade path.

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