Independent developer Tomas Sala has been talking to Xbox Wire about his upcoming Xbox Series X|S launch title The Falconeer, discussing the benefits of working on the next-gen hardware.

In addition to pointing out the many visual and performance advantages brought about by the new consoles, Sala also highlighted that their target of 60 frames per-second is "a must" for next generation games:

"In my opinion I believe 60fps should be a foundational feature of the next generation. As a maker I don’t accept that 30fps is sufficient for action games with high-intensity gameplay, like you experience during dogfights in The Falconeer.

Achieving 60fps on previous generations required compromises and sacrifices you won’t have to make next generation – sacrifices to AI, to visuals, to background simulation, to the scale of your open world, to levels of detail… 60fps is a must, and a huge benefit to players."

As for the experience of developing for the Xbox Series X, Sala praised how "effortless" it has been, noting that the CPUs and GPUs in the new consoles allow developers to simulate reality in ways they weren’t able to before.

It's definitely worth giving the full interview a read if you're interested in the behind-the-scenes of developing for Xbox Series X|S, and you'll be able to check out The Falconeer when it arrives on all current Xbox consoles this November.

Do you think 60fps is critical to the Xbox Series X|S? Give us your thoughts below.