Take-Two CEO Believes Xbox Will Do 'Very Well' In Next Console Generation

Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick recently discussed a variety of gaming-related topics in an interview with Protocol, including giving his thoughts on how Microsoft will fare with the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

When asked about his overall perspective on how Microsoft and Sony are approaching the new console generation and launch, Zelnick predicted Xbox would ultimately do very well:

"So far it looks to me as though they're both approaching this launch very aggressively. We've always worked happily with both parties. We would like to see both be very successful. In certain parts of the world, as you know, Sony had a preferred position last time around. I think Microsoft is working very, very hard to see that that's not repeated. I think it will be a challenge in Asia, where Sony's dominated.

But if I had to guess, I think Microsoft is going to do very well."

The CEO was also questioned about his thoughts on the Xbox All Access subscription model and the decision to bundle Xbox Game Pass as part of the low monthly deal, seemingly dismissing the Game Pass aspect slightly by suggesting that there will be "certain important front-line titles that will not be available on a subscription basis":

"Let's put it this way: I would say I know pretty much for a fact that there will be certain important front-line titles that will not be available on a subscription basis. Those are very much the titles that people buy these platforms for.

Front-line products are incredibly valuable, and Take-Two's front-line products are frankly and actually the most valuable in the business. We have the highest hit ratio in the business. We have the best-performing titles in the business, and we will be selective about what business models work for us."

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