Image: Square Enix

Earlier this week, Square Enix lifted the lid on the PlayStation 5 exclusive Final Fantasy XVI, but just how 'exclusive' is it?

According to Eurogamer, "trusted industry analyst" Piers Harding-Rolls has "been told by Sony", that the next FFXVI will be a console exclusive on PS5 for a total of 12 months, and after this, it can then come to "other consoles" like the Xbox. Of course, additional platform support is "totally down" to Square Enix.

Piers also notes how this doesn't necessarily mean the game will be released exactly six months (or in console's case 12 months) after the "exclusive" PlayStation deal has ended. The timing would also be "down to" Square Enix.

Not long after the trailer for FFXVI was released, Square Enix released a statement saying it had "no further information" about the game releasing on "platforms other than PS5". At the very least, the publisher didn't outright deny the possibility of it coming to other platforms in the future.

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