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  • Video Here's What Happens When You Turn On The Xbox Series X

    Check out these load times

    If you've ever tried to cold boot an original Xbox One, you're probably well aware of how long it can take to even reach the menu screen! Fortunately, the Xbox Series X does away with all of that. You can see an example of this in the video above (courtesy of VentureBeat's Jeff Grubb), which shows the system booting into...

  • Feature These 15 Games Are Coming To Xbox This Week (Sep 29 - Oct 2)

    This is where the fun begins

    Welcome to your weekly Xbox roundup! It's a slightly quieter week for new releases on the platform, but we've got two big hitters arriving in the form of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time and Star Wars: Squadrons. Let's take a look at the full list of upcoming games below: Bartlow's Dread Machine (Sep 29): "A...

  • Roundup First Hands-On Impressions Of The Xbox Series X

    What are the critics saying so far?

    You might recall that a selection of North American content creators got their hands on a near-final version of the Xbox Series X last week, and today they've been publishing their impressions of the new system. Specifically, they've been talking about backwards compatibility, the new Quick Resume feature and...

  • News How Much Faster Do Xbox One Games Load On Xbox Series X?

    As expected, it's a lot quicker

    Various content creators have been getting their hands on the Xbox Series X over the past week, specifically testing backwards compatible Xbox One games using the system's internal SSD. As a result, we've got plenty of load time comparisons to peruse over between the Xbox One X and the Xbox Series X, and you can see...

  • News Are These Images Our First Look At Bethesda's Starfield?

    Seems we've got a leak

    It's been well over two years since newly-acquired Xbox studio Bethesda first unveiled its new space epic Starfield to the world, but since then we've heard very little about it at all. However, a few images have been shared online over the past 24 hours that appear to be taken from an early build of the game, including this...

  • News You'll Get 802GB Of Usable Storage Space With Your Xbox Series X

    Better use it wisely

    There's already been a lot of talk about whether 1TB of storage space is enough for next-generation consoles, so be warned - you won't actually be able to get access to 20% of that space on Xbox Series X. As reported by IGN, the internal SSD provides you with 802GB to store your next-gen games, with the rest being taken up by...

  • News Compete To Win A Series X And Enter The Xbox Hall Of Fame

    Join the ranks of the elite

    Competition alert! Microsoft is running a brand-new Xbox Hall of Fame contest to win an Xbox Series X, with each participating country set to feature eight Hall of Fame inductees and prize winners. There are multiple ways to earn your way into the Hall of Fame, such as racking up the most Gamerscore in a certain period...

  • News Early Previews Suggest The Series X Could Be The Quietest Xbox Yet

    "I can barely hear it"

    There are quite a lot of common themes running through today's hands-on previews of the Xbox Series X, and one of them is that the console is incredibly quiet, even when playing games. Over at IGN, Ryan McCaffrey called it "almost inaudible when it's idle", and much quieter than the Xbox One X when running the likes of Red...

  • News Indie FPS Shotgun Farmers Is Already A Massive Success On Xbox

    It's top of the paid games chart

    Indie multiplayer shooter Shotgun Farmers has got off to an incredible start since launching on Xbox One this past Friday, rocketing to the top of the paid games chart on Xbox One in the US. It's an unexpected triumph for solo developer Wase Qazi of Megastorm Games, who celebrated the success on social media...

  • UK Charts Two Mafia Games Make Their Top Ten Debuts

    And Marvel's Avengers holds firm

    It's been a busy week for 2K's Mafia series, with not one, but two new Mafia games in this past week's UK boxed chart! The obvious new addition is Mafia: Definitive Edition, which launched just a few days ago and debuted in third place. Meanwhile, Mafia: Trilogy (which includes all three Definitive Editions) also...

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