If you managed to catch Gamescom Opening Night Live this past Thursday, you will have seen that the organisers of the event were presenting awards for various categories (including Dontnod's Tell Me Why as Best Xbox Game). Since then, even more awards have been dished out, with the Xbox Series X being crowned "Most Wanted Tech."

Of course, we're delighted for Microsoft and Xbox... but we're a little confused as to how the nominees were selected. There were three in all - the Xbox Series X, Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass and the Intellivision Amico, with the Series X predictably coming out on top. Still, it's a nice victory all the same!

According to the video you see above, voting for this award was opened up to "you, the gamers, the early adopters, the prospective consumers," which appears to have taken place on the event's official website.

Xbox Series X Director of Project Management Jason Ronald also sent across a message of thanks which you can see in the video, giving us another look at the Xbox Series X cradled in his hand. What a tease!

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