Xbox All Access Payment Plan Will Reportedly Roll Out To More Countries This Year

Heard of Xbox All Access? It's a console payment plan service that currently allows customers to get an Xbox console at no upfront cost and pay for it in instalments, and according to a report from Bloomberg, Microsoft is planning to roll out the service to many more countries later this year (thanks OnMSFT).

In the report, the outlet specifically mentions that Xbox All Access will be available in three times as many countries than it is currently, and that it will benefit from Microsoft's deals with Walmart and Target:

“This fall it’s tripling the number of countries where it sells what it calls All Access, which gives customers a new console and a Game Pass subscription for a monthly fee that’s currently $20 to $25, similar to cellphone contracts that periodically give you a new handset. The company says deals with Walmart Inc. and Target Corp. will help boost sales of All Access.

This news ultimately comes as no surprise, as Xbox head Phil Spencer noted back in June that the service will be "critical to both our launch for Xbox Series X as well as just the overall generation," and that fans will see "a much broader market and retailer support for Xbox All Access" moving forward.

Pleased about this? Will you be buying your Xbox Series X with Xbox All Access? Let us know below.

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