Upset About PlayStation Exclusive Deals? Prepare For More, Says Industry Insider

Yesterday, Sony confirmed that various content in the upcoming Marvel's Avengers - including the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man - would be PlayStation exclusive, making some Xbox fans as green (and angry) as the Hulk.

If you've found this slightly concerning as we enter the next-generation of Xbox and PlayStation, well, according to the industry insider, ex-senior Game Informer editor, and current co-host on Kinda Funny - Imran Khan - you might want to brace yourself for what's to come.

In a ResetEra thread related to Spider-Man's exclusive ties to the PlayStation version of Marvel's Avengers, Khan made the following comment:

"If you guys are mad about this, I suggest saving some energy, because the next year will be a marathon of getting upset."

His comment seems to suggest that PlayStation is just getting started when it comes to its next-generation exclusive offerings. Gulp.

In a follow-up question, he was asked if exclusive content focus would be limited to Sony - this was his response:

“I do not know exactly what Microsoft is doing. I know Sony is doing this a lot”

This only adds to existing rumours about Sony potentially securing a number of major third-party exclusives for the PlayStation 5. As reported on our sister site Push Square, the most standout rumour of the lot is that Square Enix's Final Fantasy XVI will be another timed exclusive.

If Sony does end up securing more exclusive third-party content, it may very well give the brand another boost leading into the next-generation. How would you feel about more third-party content being restricted to the PS5? How do you think Team Xbox should respond? Share your thoughts down below.

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