Phil Spencer Praises PS5 Design, Talks 'Quietness' Of The Xbox Series X

Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently appeared on the Animal Talking show with Gary Whitta, and talked a bit about the differences between the design of the Xbox Series X and PS5.

While also discussing the lack of audible noise from the Xbox Series X and how the team had focused on making "a really quiet console," Spencer praised the look of the PlayStation 5, but highlighted that the system likely would have encountered different challenges during development:

"The PS5 is running at higher clocks... they’re running their box differently than we are, so it creates unique design challenges in how you keep these things cool - that's true of both of us, so that's not a shot."

"They took an approach that’s different - I haven't been around a PlayStation 5 running, but I’m sure they had similar design goals for themselves around what it means to run, how it sounds, how much power it's drawing and these things..."

Focusing on the Xbox Series X specifically, Spencer noted that he wanted a large fan implemented with the Xbox Series X that could be spun a little more slowly to avoid making noise, and the result is a console that is equally as quiet as the Xbox One X - despite the significantly increased power:

"We built a form followed function design with our console so that we could draw a lot of air with a big fan spinning a little bit slower, so we didn’t get those high-pitched, whining sounds that sometimes consoles can make."

"When I put the Series X in place of my One X, there was no more noise and a lot more power. You literally just plug it in, right in place and get such a huge upgrade. All my games are working and it sounds like my Xbox One X did, just with a lot more power behind it."

Thoughts on Spencer's comments? Pleased about the quietness of the Series X? Let us know below.