Fast & Furious Crossroads Heavily Criticised In Early Reviews

Slightly Mad Studios' Fast & Furious Crossroads was quietly released last Friday to almost no reviews whatsoever, and unfortunately what we've seen since suggests it's a bit of a car crash.

Let's start with our friends over at Push Square - they've given the game a 3/10, stating that "not even the most committed Fast & Furious fans should subject themselves to this monstrosity."

"How Fast & Furious Crossroads wound up as a full-price release will forever remain a mystery. It is lacking in every department possible, from shallow and repetitive gameplay through to abysmal visuals that belong on the previous generation of consoles."

The folks over at Eurogamer have also rated Fast & Furious Crossroads very poorly, calling it a "disaster of a game", and making the assumption that "something here has gone horribly, horribly wrong."

"In a saner, less cruel world Crossroads might have been put to rest when it became clear it just wasn't going to work - as it is, it's just been left to limp out in this sorry, sorry state. What a disappointment."

There still aren't many reviews at the time of writing, but the game also currently holds a 'Mostly Negative' rating on Steam based on 27 user reviews, which suggests these aren't one-off criticisms. Such a shame!

Have you played Fast & Furious Crossroads? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

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