Poll: How Much Do Spiders Bother You In Games?

I have a confession. I hate playing games with spiders in them. I'm the same with Headcrabs in Half-Life - their creepy-crawly nature has me wincing at the screen while simultaneously trying to obliterate them as quickly as possible.

The upcoming survival game Grounded by Obsidian (coming to Xbox Game Preview and Xbox Game Pass on July 28) is packed with spiders, but is working around this by including an Arachnophobia Mode, and we've seen this sort of feature implemented in a handful of other games in recent years as well.

So, with Grounded on the horizon, we thought we'd poll the Pure Xbox community and see how many of you will be utilising that Arachnophobia Mode when the game releases later this month. How much do spiders bother you in games? Let us know in the poll and comments below.

How Much Do Spiders Creep You Out In Games?