Phil Spencer: We're In The Best Launch Lineup Position In Xbox History

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said he believes the Xbox brand is in its best launch lineup position ever with Xbox Series X.

In a recent interview with Polygon, Spencer talked more about the Xbox team's focus around player choice as well as the wealth of developers that have joined Xbox Game Studios in recent years, and followed up by explaining some of the strengths Xbox Series X will have at launch as a result:

“I honestly think we’re in the best launch lineup position that we’ve ever been on Xbox. When I think about the strength and depth of the games that people are going to be able to play day one on Xbox Series X — not only because of [backward compatibility] — and the way that Game Pass really allows the total cost of ownership of our console, I think is a real strength.

“But you know, we also have Halo. The last time we had Halo at the launch of a console was 2001. And we feel really good about Halo. It’ll be a big part in the [Xbox Series X Game Showcase on July 23].”

Spencer also went on to discuss Xbox Game Pass and how it has allowed for more creative risk when building games due to not being purely driven by the retail dynamics of the industry, suggesting the likes of spinoff games and revisiting old franchises is very much an option due to the "larger creative canvas" available.

And finally, he talked a little more about what to expect from this Thursday's Xbox Games Showcase, highlighting that Xbox now has "the most diverse collection of first-party games that we’ve ever had."

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