Sea of Thieves' new Ashen Winds update is now available on Xbox One and PC, bringing with it a selection of accessibility improvements, as well some new powerful skeletal foes.

These Ashen Lords are four of Flameheart’s followers taking advantage of the Ashen Curse, meaning they're capable of some serious destruction. They'll attack with fire, ash and flaming rocks, and while they'll prove difficult to destroy, they'll ultimately provide you with some valuable Ashen loot. Additionally, their skulls can be used as a makeshift flamethrower if you so choose, or can be traded in with the Order of Souls.

The other big addition this month arrives in the form of new accessibility options - most notably the ability to play with just a single analog stick rather than two. There's also a new auto-centering camera option and an auto-float mode that provides pirates with a virtual lifejacket to avoid being forced underwater.

The full patch notes for this month's Sea of Thieves update are available over at the game's official website, and the download size is just over 6GB on Xbox One and Windows 10.

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