G.I. Joe Operation Blackout Leaks Online, Releases This October

Update: The listing has now been removed from the Best Buy website.

Original story: There have been rumblings about a potential G.I. Joe Operation Blackout game doing the rounds over the past week, and now courtesy of Best Buy, we definitely know it's on the way to Xbox One.

The American outlet is listing the game for release on the 13th of October, published by Game Mill Entertainment, which is also releasing Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2 on Xbox later this year.

As you can see from the screenshots below, G.I. Joe Operation Blackout appears to adopt a cel-shaded art style, and is described as a "classic team-based third-person shooter game," allowing you to play with fan favourite characters such as Snake Eyes, Duke, Roadblock, Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander and Destro.

G.I. Joe and Cobra are back! G.I. Joe Operation Blackout is a classic team-based third-person shooter game where you play as your favorite characters from Team G.I. Joe and Team Cobra. Experience the action from both sides as you help G.I. Joe restore order and lead Cobra to world domination.

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[source bestbuy.com, via neogaf.com]