Rumour: Multiplayer Won't Ship With Halo Infinite This Fall

Update (Fri 24th Jul, 2020 18:40 BST): Nothing to see here, folks! Halo Community Director Brian Jarrard has commented on this rumour on Twitter, confirming that it is definitely not true. Panic over!

Original story (Fri 24th Jul, 2020 16:55 BST): Veteran journalist and YouTuber Brad Sams has revealed in a video report today that Halo Infinite might not ship with its multiplayer component at launch, according to one of his sources.

Sams didn't want to call it a certainty yet due to only one source providing him with the information, but revealed that they have been "pretty decent in the past" for information:

"One source is telling me - this is only one source, so I can't absolutely scream it from the higher tops, but they've been pretty decent in the past - one source is saying that multiplayer is not going to be shipping with single-player this fall. Put that in your back pocket, we may not be seeing multiplayer yet. I'm still poking around to get all the details on that, but just keep that in mind."

Of course, developer 343 Industries has already been talking about Halo Infinite's multiplayer over the past 24 hours, revealing that we'll hear more about it "soon", but providing few details for now.

This is one rumour that we're finding hard to believe, but who knows? Only time will tell.

Are you buying this rumour? Could Halo Infinite really ship without multiplayer? Share your thoughts below.