Xbox Series X Games Will Be Significantly More Immersive, Suggests Phil Spencer© Microsoft

In an interview as part of Gamelab Live 2020 earlier this week, head of Xbox Phil Spencer suggested that the immersive nature of Xbox Series X games will be a "dramatic step up" from Xbox One.

While explaining that the deltas between the two console generations "will be smaller from a visual impact," he noted that high frame rates and low input latency will make a big difference going forward:

"We're able to get to almost lifelike graphics today, even on current-gen in certain instances. But when you take that and you mix it with a very high frame rate, solid frame rate, very little latency in input, and the ability for game storytellers to really push the emotion and the story they're trying to get through their game, through the screen, through the controller and into you - that is something I'm feeling in the games now that is a dramatic step up.”

This isn't the first time Microsoft has honed in on the "immersive" and "responsive" nature of Xbox Series X games, having previously called it "the ultimate console for players who want the most immersive games from a device designed, built and optimized for gaming with zero compromises." Now, when do those pre-orders open Phil?

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