Video: Here Are 30+ Indie Games Coming To Xbox In The Near Future

Microsoft has put out a new article on Xbox Wire showcasing over 30 independently developed games coming to Xbox platforms "soon" as part of its Summer Spotlight series.

You can check out all the new videos (six in total) below, which feature gameplay and developer insights from the likes of Everspace 2, Call of the Sea, The Ascent, Xuan-Yuan Sword VII and many more.

Summer Spotlight 1 (SkateBird, Spellbreak, The Falconeer, The Forgotten City, Trash Sailors, Call of the Sea, Dead Static Drive, Welcome to Elk):

Summer Spotlight 2 (Carrion, Ary and the Secret of Seasons, Atrio: The Dark Wild, Black Book, No Straight Roads):

Summer Spotlight 3 (Everspace 2, Foregone, Going Under, Hitchhiker - A Mystery Game, Paradise Lost):

Summer Spotlight 4 (ScourgeBringer, Phogs!, Psikodelya, Sail Forth, Super Meat Boy Forever):

Summer Spotlight 5 (The Ascent, Cake Bash, The Riftbreaker, The Universim, Cyber Shadow):

Summer Spotlight 6 (Knight Squad 2, Boomerang Fu, VoidTrain, Wintermoor Tactics Club, Xuan-Yuan Sword VII, Backbone)

What are you liking the look of from these videos? Let us know in the comments below.