Xbox Series X (and Xbox One) co-op shooter Second Extinction was first revealed during last month's Inside Xbox show, and we've now been treated to 11 minutes of gameplay footage.

It comes courtesy of IGN's Summer of Gaming event, with the footage said to be from a pre-beta version of the game. Lead Producer Brynley Gibson also gave more details throughout the video, discussing everything from its survival-based story to the different types of enemies you'll encounter.

While we already know that Second Extinction is coming to Xbox Series X via the Smart Delivery program, Gibson was hesitant to give additional next-gen details away for now, aside from stating that the team's ultimate aim is to "ensure a great, silky-smooth experience, and get more carnage onto the screen."

Second Extinction is an intense 3 player co-op shooter, where your goal is to wipeout the mutated dinosaurs that have taken over the planet. Teamwork is vital as you adopt the role of one of the survivors, using a combination of weapons, abilities and skills to take on the vast number of enemies.

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