Move aside existing dino and co-operative shooters - there's a new game on the block developed by the talented team at Systemic Reaction (part of Avalanche Studios Group) and it's coming to Xbox Series X.

Introducing Second Extinction, a game about "evil mutant dinosaurs" taking over the Earth. It's described as a fast-paced co-op dino shooter designed for teams of three. You'll pick a mission, load-out, and then hurtle your way planetside. When you complete a mission, you'll then need to get to the extraction point. Rinse, repeat.

Here's a bit about the enemy, which you'll learn more about as you progress through the campaigns:

These freaks of nature each have unique traits that require different approaches in combat. How they even exist, the root of the mutations, and their seeming intelligence will be a mystery for players to discover over the coming campaigns.

The game is running on Avalanche's APEX Engine and will include a "big map" filled with melee vs. ranged combat (aka. claws vs bullets). There are a few other plans for the game, such as a unique feature called "The War Effort" but more will be revealed about this at a later date.

The eventual launch of the game is said to be "just the beginning" - with regular new content expected to drop and mix the game up through each campaign. Will you be checking this out on the Xbox Series X? Tell us below.