Sea Of Thieves' Concurrent Player Peak On Steam Continues To Rise

When Rare's Sea of Thieves sailed onto Steam last week it was able to grab the attention of more than 10,000 players on the platform and made it into the top sellers list. Well now, just over a week later, it's managed to reach an all-time peak of 59,404 concurrent players. Once again, that makes it one of the top 100 Steam games, based on player count.

As you can see below, Twitter user and YouTuber @BenjiSales has been tracking the Sea of Thieves Steam stats for the past seven days and notes how the game has been breaking its own concurrent record each and every day:

Keep in mind, this does not include the players on other digital platforms or systems - or the pirates playing the game for free on Xbox Game Pass. That's insanely impressive!

So, for anyone who thought Sea of Thieves might be dead in the water, that's definitely not the case. While it still is early days, the decision to release the game on Steam - as Microsoft has done with various other Xbox Game Studios title - seems to have already paid off. And once again, Steam users had no option but to pay for this version.

Congratulations Rare on the early signs of success on Steam! Have you contributed to these sales or the concurrent peak record? Leave a comment down below.

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