Scorn Dev: The Xbox Series X SSD Solution Is An Incredible Improvement

The studio behind upcoming Xbox Series X console exclusive Scorn recently conducted another interview with Wccftech, and talked a bit more about some of the benefits the next-gen system provides in terms of development.

Asked specifically about Xbox Velocity Architecture, as well as loading screens and how similar the Xbox Series X and PC versions will be in this regard, Ebb Software Game Director Ljubomir Peklar responded by highlighting the console's "incredible" solid-state drive (SSD) solution:

"Series X as a platform has been available to us for only two months, so we are still figuring out everything that is at our disposal. I think that the Series X is a very balanced system. The SSD solution is an incredible improvement when it comes to loading assets, and as it stands now it seems that there will be complete parity between PC and Series X versions of the game. We will try to minimize loading as much as possible."

In the interview, Peklar also confirmed the "in-engine footage" shown as part of last month's Inside Xbox show was running on PC, but reiterated the game is targeting 4K and 60fps on both PC and Xbox Series X.

What do you make of Peklar's comments about the Xbox Series X's SSD solution? Let us know below.