Random: No, There Won't Be An HDMI Sticker On The Xbox Series X

Oh dear, we've got some unfortunate news to share if you happen to be a supporter of important warning stickers on your Xbox consoles. According to Head of Xbox Phil Spencer, there won't be any HDMI stickers - like the one featured here - on the front of the Xbox Series X when it's released.

Phil seemingly confirmed this in response to a recent tweet by Windows Central journalist Jez Corden. Here's the full exchange:

This is definitely a big loss for "team sticker" - a group of current-generation Xbox One users who don't remove the safety warning sticker from the front of their consoles. Some even think this even proves Phil is on #TeamNoSticker.

Do you like to keep the stickers on your Xbox or take them off? How do you feel about this latest news - will you be able to cope? Tell us down below.

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