Here's an interesting one! Developer Jon Burton, who founded studio Traveller's Tales back in the 1980s, has posted a video to his GameHut YouTube channel showcasing an unreleased Lord of the Rings videogame demo.

In the video, Burton explains that the intention behind this LOTR demo was actually to use it as a pitch for a Hobbit game based around the then-upcoming movie. He shows off lots of gameplay of various levels, and also reveals that the team went "spent way too much money" working on it - over $1,000,000!

To make things worse, while Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro (then director of the film) were reportedly very positive about the pitch, Warner Bros ultimately decided they didn't want a game based on the movie itself but one that "happened in the same world at the same time," so the project was never greenlit.

You can check out all the highly intriguing footage in the video above, and Burton has hinted that he'll be showing off full playthroughs of the demo's various sections in the future.

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