Microsoft: Xbox Series X Won't Just Change How Games Look, But Also How They Feel

Xbox Series X director of program management Jason Ronald has been talking to GamesRadar in a new interview, explaining that the system will change "how games actually play."

According to the Microsoft exec, while the Xbox Series X will "continue to see a step change in graphical fidelity," the next generation won't be limited to just visual enhancements alone:

"Internally, we think about this as 'the power you can see as well as the power you can feel'. When we talk about the power you can feel, this really is about changing how games actually play. Things like ultra-high framerates, ultra-low latency input, and how quickly and easily we can get players to jump into the experience with the virtual elimination of loading times. It's really much more about how games play and how games feel, than just looking at the graphic advancements alone."

We highly recommend checking out the full interview for more interesting titbits from Ronald, who also mentioned that the Series X will feature "entire new classes of games" with "transformative gameplay experiences that you've never seen before," as well as highlighting the SSD's ability to "unshackle a game developer's creativity."

What do you make of Jason Ronald's comments? Give us your thoughts below.