Microsoft: No Plans To Share Xbox User Information With Facebook
Image: Microsoft

Update: Major Nelson has since elaborated further on this. In response to a question about whether Microsoft will have "any access whatsoever to any of my Xbox data," Hyrb responded with the following:

"I posted this elsewhere, but wanted to be sure you saw this: We are committed to respecting your privacy and personal information. Unless a Mixer streamer takes action to ask Microsoft to share data with a platform, no Mixer streamer personal information will be shared."

Original Story: Microsoft exec Larry Hyrb (otherwise known as Major Nelson) has been taking to Reddit to ease fan concerns following the announcement that the company is shutting down its Mixer streaming service and teaming up with Facebook to enable to the Mixer community to transition to Facebook Gaming.

Responding to a question about whether Microsoft will share Xbox user information/stats with Facebook as a result of the new partnership, Nelson gave the following, very straightforward answer:

"We are certainly not doing that now, and no plans to do that."

Furthermore, Hyrb explained that the current Mixer integration in the Xbox One dashboard won't just become Facebook Gaming, and noted that while built-in broadcasting from Xbox One will be temporarily disabled after July 22 ("so we can build it into a more social experience"), players will still be able to stream via the Twitch app.

"If you're asking if the current Mixer integration in the dashboard is just going to become Facebook Gaming, the answer is no."

Xbox head Phil Spencer also responded to a question surrounding the new partnership earlier today, highlighting that the company "absolutely want to give gamers choice of where to stream from Xbox."

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